Born in Caracas - Venezuela, he is a dj performer & remixer science 1999. He began to spin the wheels at diferent clubs in Caracas, with the company "DJs Service Venezuela" (where DJs Oscar Leal, Oscar Hernandez, Leo and Luis Felipe are the owners and events coordinators).

Other clubs around Caracas listened the sound of DDF, like "Champs - 1999 (El Hatillo), Studio 54 - 2000(Las Mecedes), Level Room - 2000(Las Mercedes), Daddys Latino - 2001 (Margarita Island) and more. Simultaneously he was playing with the Mobil Sound of Live Display, Magique And Skull Display.

In 2002 was the time to travel and went to Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao Islands (The ABC of the Dutch Caribbean).

Now he is resident on Curacao island and from that moment till now he is playing in many gigs with the biggest DJs from the Dutch Kingdom and around the world like The Flexican, Shermanology, DJ Jose, Benny Rodriguez, 100% Isis, DJ Mason, Natarcia, Dimitri (Holland), Born To Funk, Lady Dana, Dark Raver, Gregor Salto, Lucien Foort, DJ Jean, Ricky Rivaro and many more. Also on the Stage with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (Belgium), Ida Engberg(SWE), David Penn (Spain), Padovano (USA), DJ Tarazz (USA) DJ Fer (Venz), DJ Meg (Venz).

In Curacao he began at the most famous electronic party on Curacao Island on 2003 and 2004 at Baya Beach Club with the TRANCEMANIA PARTY. People going crazy till 8:00am every single weekend. Then with a refreshing vibes and new show he was kicking and rocking da house with the finest tunes of house music at one of the most visited club on 2005 when everything began @ Club CINCO. On 2006 with his own public and his own style (Stomp Progress Party), he was taking the people to the next level till early in the morning in combination with DJ Freaky Freek & DJ V Maxx at the only and unique club on the island with 100% electronic music @ Zanta Beach Club (more clubs see below).
Science 2007 till now DJ Duben De Fresh is playing around the island with the best internationals DJ's and also on Miami "USA", Caracas-Valencia-Margaria "Venezuela, Aruba and Bonaire.
2008 consagrated as one of the best on the Caribbean DDF hit the Radio Broadcasting with his radio mix show Underground Island on Laser 101.1FM Curacao.
Also DDF work (as a collaborator) with DJs Boogieman, Carlitos, Sandro, Fai-Oz, Jack, LN & Paco.

Now hi is one of the resident djs in the biggest club in the island "Bermuda Caribbean Discotheque", Papagayo Beach Club and Coco Bomba Sport Bar.

Specialized in Groove House Music, Progressive, Tribal and Electro, DJ Duben De Fresh puts the perfect environment for Electro,Groove, Funky, Latin Beats and Underground Party. (Latino
and top 40 also).

DDF had created till now 2 singles made on 2003.
Morena (Chicago House Mix)
A Devotion (HS Trance Mix)

3 Remixes on 2004
Maroon 5 - This Love (De Fresh Raggaeton Mix)
50 Cent - Candy Shop (DDF Reedit Latin Mix)
Magic Juan vs Gillette - El Hombre Chiquito (Merengue Touch Mix)

1 Remix on 2005
Dubende Fresh presents. Transatlantis feat. Ursula Cuesta - Misteriosa Esperanza (DDF Funky Cut Mix)

1 Remix on 2006
Duben De Fresh feat. Carla Starla - Deep Inside (Curacao Tribal Mix)

Dj resident at the following clubs:


- Papagayo Beach Club (Latin House, Soulful, Tech House, UK Garage) since 2011 (actual residency)
- Coco Bomba (Lantin Groove and Crosover) since 2014 (actual residency)
- Bermuda Caribbean Discotheque (Club House & Elektro - Top 40 - Latin Beats) 2009 till 2012
-Laser 101 FM (Curacao) – Underground Island every Friday night (mixing live House Music))
-Radio Korsou 93.9FM (Prime Time 5-7 pm / Monday till Friday) (Global Music)
-Asia de Cuba (Latin Lounge, Groove House & Top 40)2006
-Zanta Beach Club (Electro, Progressive & Tribal)2005-2006
-Kontiki Beach Club(Groove House, Latin Beats & Beach House), 2006-2007
-Avalon (Lonuge, Chill Out, Latin Beat & Groove)2006
-Café Banana (Club, Bubbling Beat, Latin, Trance & Top 40)2004-2006
-Baya Beach Club (Top 40 & Trance)2003-2005
-CINCO (Top 40, Latin beat, Groove, Disco, Club House)2005-2006


-Liquid Club (90s Techno) 1999
-Blue Barraquito (Top 40 and 90s Techno) 2000

as special guest at:

-Planeta Likido (Latin Groove and Crossover) 2011, 2012, 2013
-Likido 2.0 Latin Groove and Crossover) 2014
-Villa Maria ''Curacao-N.A.'' (House Music) 2010
-Planeta Likido ''Curacao-N.A.'' (Latin) 2009-2010-2011
-Valentino’s ''Curacao-N.A.'' (Global Music) 2009
-Ziki Bar ''Maracay-Venezuela'' 2007 (Electro & Tribal)
-BarraBar ''Caracas-Venezuela) 2007 (Minimal & Electro)
-Amendment XXI Lounge ''Miami-USA'' 2007 (Club Music)
-Gryphos ''Miami-USA'' 2007 (Progressive & Tribal)
-Mambo Beach Club ''Curacao-N.A.''(Electro, Club, Progressive, Tribal & Trance)2004-2005-2006-2007
-The Womb TV ''Miami-USA'' (Electro, Progressive & Tribal)2006
-City Cafe ''Bonaire-N.A.'' (Groove, Latin & Top 40)2004-2006-2007
-Club Sparkle ''Curacao-N.A.'' (Electro, Club, Latin Beat, Groove, Mellow House)2006
-Village Club ''Barrio Latino'' (Groove & Latin Beat)2006
-Havana Beach ''Aruba'' (Progressive & Tribal)2006
-Club AM Afterour ''Caracas-Venezuela'' (Electro, Progressive & Tribal)2006
-Wisky Bar ''Caracas-Venezuela'' (Old Skool)2006
-Club 12:34 ''Caracas-Venezuela'' (Progressive & Tribal)2005
-Tu Tu Tango ''Curacao-N.A.'' (Electro, Club & Trance) 2004-2005
-Daddy's Latino ''Margarita Island-Venezuela'' (Club House)2001
-Studio 54 ''Caracas-Venezuela'' (Club & Tribal)2000
-Blue Barranquito ''Caracas Venezuela'' (Club House, Latin & Top 40)1999-2000
-Tifanny's Club ''Caracas-Venezuela'' (Progressive & Tribal)1999
-Liquid Club ''Caracas-Venezuela'' (Club House & Top 40)1999
-Rainbow ''Caracas-Venezuela'' (Disco 70's & Latin)

Special Events:
- Summerlove Festivel 2013

- Amnesia Beach Festival 2013

- Excluchique 2013 vol 1 & vol 2

- Koninginnedag DJ Festival 2013

- Koninginnedag DJ Festival 2012

-Curacao Dance Event 2010 Vol. 3

- Jury of The 2008 Green Synergy Heineken DJ Contest

- CLIMAX energy drink - Launch Party (music by Duben De Fresh)

- Curacao Dance Events 2007 Edition # 1 and # 2

- SASCH - Spring-Summer Fashion Show 2007

- Free Style Festival 2007 with DJ VMax, RD, Jermaine S, Paco, Leo Elizabeth, Richie, Carlito, Duben De Fresh, Sandro, Jermaine S, Boogieman, Vra Vra and more.

- Chrismas Showcase 2006 @ World Trade Center Curacao mysic by Duben De Fresh for the Fashion Show.

- Buddha Lounge @ CINCO Club ''Curacao N.A.'' with DJ Ferdinand a.k.a. Born to Funk and Duben De Fresh

- Full Moon Party @ Havana Beach (Aruba) Solo Session 2006

- Openning Party Disko Azucar. Duben De Fresh Solo Session 2006

- BPM Tour 2006 with Lucien Foort, David Penn, Paco, SheJ Meg, Duben De Fresh, Gregor Salto, Rob Boskamp, Brian S, DJ Jack, SheJ Natarcia, Mark Van Dale, Padovano, Riki Rivaro, Hector Gamez.

- Free Style Festival 2006 with DJ VMax, RD, Paco, Leo Elizabeth, Richie, Carlito, Duben De Fresh, Steven, Eric De Man, Fai-Oz, DJ Jack and more.

- Balashi Beer Beach Tour with DJ Vmax & Duben De Fresh. 2006

- Openning Party '' Club Sparkle '' with DJ Paco, Ramone, Duben De Fresh & DJ Q. 2006

- Host DJs Duben De Fresh and DJ Boogieman at The Nicky Jam Concert. Mambo Beach-Curacao N.A. 2006

- Teen Models Internationals 2005 - Closing Party @ Kura Hulanda with E! Entertainment Television.

- Openning Party '' Zanta Beach Club '' Duben De Fresh solo session. 2005

- Dutch Caribbean Grooves CD Release 2005 with Jani, Duben De Fresh, Robert Feel Good, Suki La Cruz and more.

- Green Synergy Heineken DJ Contest Curacao 2005.

- Carlos Vives after concert party @ Cinco 2005

- DJ Tiesto After concert party @ Baya Beach 2004

- Big Party Productions Launch Party @ Club Venuss 2002